Dear Erivan,

I LOVE your yogurt! (And just noticed your address after 3 years!) I tell everyone I know who likes yogurt that there is No other yogurt like Erivan – I think it’s the only yogurt out there that tastes like yogurt should – tangy, and real – without the custardy quality of most yogurts. I eat it plain (or with honey) – that’s all it needs.
I’d like to recieve the info you have (“Good News”?) about Acidophilus and the wonders that it works.
Also, why “Erivan”? What (who?) does it mean?**

Thanks in advance,
Your biggest fan,


(Feel free to reprint anything in my letter!)
(P.S. I have never ever written to any company to rave about its product! A first for everything.)

**Good question! The answer is in “Our Story”.