Hi good people and cows of Erivan heaven! :o)

I’m addicted to yogurt since I was 5 years old. Moving from my motherland to Sweden maid it possible for me to try every single yogurt there was, during the summer holly days when we travel around Europe I kept on trying just because I love yogurt.

When I came here for almost two years now I was dreading a life without yogurt but I started with my search for THE yogurt. It took me 1 year and 2-3 month to find your Erivan.
I was passing the yogurt aisle in Whole Food with a most depressing look (because I couldn’t find The One) when a word just jump out from its container: Acidophilus! Could it be?

Finally at home, I open the container, smell it and felt my expectations grow, I took a spoonful and try it. Yes, finally! At last I found The One. This is almost the same as the one I eat in Sweden.

Thank you so much for the yogurt, thanks all the cows, please hug n kiss theme from me.