MA from Brooklyn

Love your yogurt! I was getting tired of picking up every single different “natural” and “healthy” yogurt brand, only to find they ALL had junk in them, even if it was organic junk 🙂 Then I picked up your brand. It wasn’t fancy, but it didn’t have anything in it but what I wanted. And, when I took it home and tried it, I found it delicious! Thanks so much for your dedication to old fashioned quality and for making the complicated simple!

from Brooklyn, NY

Zoe from Sarasota

To ALL that contribute to making this wonderful yogurt,

My dad use to make yogurt, I’m talking over 40 years ago. Yours is the only yogurt that even compares; some have come only close… but yours is spot on.

Thank you for making this wonderful yogurt.

Zoe from Sarasota, FL

Andrew from Lancaster

Dear Erivan,

Your yogurt is doing wonders for my stomach! It is a staple in my diet and is one of my keys to true health. I’ve tried other yogurts and there just simply isn’t any other yogurt out there that encompasses what yogurt should be. Your product is 100% consistent. Who can argue with all those active cultures!!! This stuff is the yogurt of the gods!! For sure! I recommend it to any one trying to re constitute a balance of good and bad bacteria in the body. Erivan yogurt will keep you healthy, happy and regular too! I’m so blessed to have discovered Erivan yogurt, for it really is my secret to staying completely healthy year in and year out. 🙂

Andrew from Lancaster, PA


Dear Erivan,

I LOVE your yogurt! (And just noticed your address after 3 years!) I tell everyone I know who likes yogurt that there is No other yogurt like Erivan – I think it’s the only yogurt out there that tastes like yogurt should – tangy, and real – without the custardy quality of most yogurts. I eat it plain (or with honey) – that’s all it needs.
I’d like to recieve the info you have (“Good News”?) about Acidophilus and the wonders that it works.
Also, why “Erivan”? What (who?) does it mean?**

Thanks in advance,
Your biggest fan,


(Feel free to reprint anything in my letter!)
(P.S. I have never ever written to any company to rave about its product! A first for everything.)

**Good question! The answer is in “Our Story”.


Dear Erivan Dairy:

I’m completely addicted to your yogurt! I was reading the container when I saw the suggestion that I write in for more information.
Thanks for your products and for your kind practices < the cows >.
I purchased the yogurt at Fairway and was very pleased to find it in my neighborhood @ A MATTER OF HEALTH, 1st AVE NYC
I purchased 4 containers because I’m a junkie! I love this stuff!



P.S. kiss the cows for me xoxo