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Offering the finest Acidophilus Yogurt since 1970. Still the “Good News” Yogurt for over 40 years.

Acidophilus is a group of beneficial (probiotic) human bacilli which inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract and stimulate the immune system. Poor diet and use of antibiotics can reduce the natural level of acidophilus in the body.

Long incubation and our proprietary process keeps the live culture and enzyme count high, assuring easier digestibility for even those with lactose intolerance, plus “better than milk” calcium absorption.

A choice blend of the freshest raw cow’s milk, pasteurized only once – just before culturing, gives Erivan Yogurt its special natural flavor. Since it is incubated in its own container, valuable whey, containing minerals, vitamins and protein is not lost.

Write or Email us for the Good News about Acidophilus and cholesterol, the anti-oxidant properties of milk fat, help for diabetics, yeast infections and much more.

“Who or what is Erivan?”

We call our yogurt “Erivan” as a way of honoring our ethnic Armenian heritage. Erivan (also spelled Yerevan) is the capitol of Armenia. The “art” of yogurt making has been passed down through many generations. Thanks for asking!

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Roger from Reston, VA

We were in the Foreign Service and stationed in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in the
early 1980’s. We used to buy the Bulgarian natural yogurt which was available
there on a sporadic basis. It was possible to add milk to the yogurt when our
supply was about exhausted and culture a new batch from the live bacteria. One
day one of our daughters added sugar to our stash and that killed the bacteria
and ended our production line. When we returned to the US I missed good yogurt
and, for years, would buy anything new on the grocery shelves in hopes of
finding the “real thing.” Most were cloyingly sweet with all sorts of sugary
additives and others were just “blah.” Finally, years later, we recently
happened on Erivan in our Whole Foods store. Eureka! We have been a steady
customer for Erivan ever since. It’s natural, tart, clean taste is like
deliverance from the shelves of adulterated product. Thanks you so much – and
keep up the good work!

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