Christine from Baltimore

Dear Erivan,

I came across your yogurt four or five years ago, in an “upscale” grocery store…I shop there once every six weeks for “special” items. I go there especially for your Erivan Yogurt. As compared to other “commercial” yogurts, your product seems like it was made by early American Colonists who took pride in their recipe, cared about their family’s health, and the well being of their greatly valued cows.
It smells great, it tastes great (a bit tart and so alive!)…even my small dogs love to have some in their bowls every day! When I have gone off plain yogurt, I have had slight health issues such as yeast overgrowths and colds. But since I have made it part of my healthier diet plan now, your acidopholis all natural yogurt makes me feel like I can do anything! I am not kidding.

Christine, Baltimore, MD